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Want to move to Chile? Need a clue as to what it may be like after you do? Read all about it in these blogs by those who live or have traveled there and dare to tell their stories.   Map of Chile

Don't Call Me Gringa Blog

Don’t Call Me Gringa Blog

Don’t Call Me Gringa – “20-something life in Santiago, Chile”. Hip, happening blog with posts on all things going on in the city – including yummy places to eat and drink – by half Brit/half American 100% Californian Emily who lives in Santiago with her husband and dog.

Emily was kind enough to do a cost of living write-up for us on living in Santiago, you can read it here: Cost of Living in Santiago, Chile.

Bearshapedshpere: Quirk, Perspective, Travel – musings about Chile (plus valuable info on all aspects of the culture and country) by experienced travel writer Eileen Smith who has lived in the country and traveled its shores for more than eight years.

An example of her quirk and experienced wisdom? How about this post: “Visa and Reciprocity Fees in South America, and How to Legally Get Around Many of Them” (sly gal that Eileen) or “Six Surefire Ways to Get Sick While Traveling“. Yes, she does tell you how to avoid them as well – in her own quirky-style. Now that is perspective you shouldn’t leave home without.

Life in Porvenir, Chile – sweet, ‘family who has moved abroad’ type of blog about “learning, laughing, living at the end of the earth”. Many photos with posts centering around daily life living in the small town of Porvenir in Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire in English).

Corrugated Chile – blog by a guy who lives in Valparaiso and isn’t afraid to give you his ‘spare no detail or attitude’ run-down on all aspects of living there. Much information on real estate in Chile.

Southern Cone Travel – travel writer guy from California who married an Argentinian and lives part-time in Buenos Aires, part-time in the U.S., writing about all kinds of South America-related stuff as he goes. Meet Wayne Bernhardson – guidbook author to many Moon Handbook guides on Argentina & Chile and guy who loves baseball, from what I can gather. He’s especially fond of Patagonia and has traveled the area extensively.

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