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Even if you have read tons of articles, books and websites about Brazil, there’s nothing like getting information from a non-commercial source whose goal is simply to inform about what it’s like to live and work there – a personal blog. Here is a list of some good ones, from locations throughout the country.       Map of Brazil

Rachel's Rantings in Rio Blog

Rachel’s Rantings in Rio Blog

Rachel’s Rantings in Rio – this gal expresses herself and her experiences as a wife, mommy, American, “big old mixing pot” living life in Rio de Janeiro very well with a heavy dollop of humour scooped on top. Read about exotic fruit, bathing like a Brazilian and a post titled: “Pee in Shower And Save Tree“. Lots of variety there 🙂

Grobetrotter – an Israeli-American MBA graduate skips the riches of a job in the financial trenches of corporate America to take a gig in Brazil. Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, and shares her adventures. Posts include Brazil 101 for the un-initiated with things like “How to get a job in Brazil” and “Brazil corporate culture“.

The Brazilian Gringo – really informative blog about all aspects of teaching English in Brazil from landing in the country and running around handing out your CV (and why that’s not the best way to land a job), renting an apartment, salary for teachers, etc.

Offers a 7 day video series that covers these basics as well.

Give us this Day our Daily Mango – family of 5 moves to Belo Horizonte, Brazil and shares tidbits about adjusting to life in Brazil. Where’s Belo Horizonte? It is the capital – and largest city – of Minas Gerais in Northeastern Brazil.

According to the NYT’s it is also the “Bar Capital of Brazil“. Don’t think these busy parents with many new friends have much time for that. It’s all about “I Love Farofa”, “Snacking on Biscoito de Polvilho” and “A Day in the Life”.

Discovering São Paulo – guy moves from Madrid, Spain to São Paulo and writes of his discoveries as a new transplant. Types of fruit at the market, how far the city is from other areas in Brazil, etc. with lots of photos and some videos to boot.

Did you know that when you eat at a buffet restaurant in São Paulo and don’t finish your plate they fine you? Really! It’s called a ‘wastage fee’ according to this blog post “Seen on the streets of São Paulo: Penalty fines for not finishing your lunch“.

Expat Brazil – Guide to living and traveling in Brazil by an expat family (two parents, one son) from the UK who moved to Brazil in 2007 and live near the idylic beach town Saquarema. Posts are all across the board from food, farming to city guides and things to do.

Angélico Advogados – São Paulo based International law firm with American and Brazilian attorneys that write on all aspects of doing business in Brazil, and is there to help out if you are in need of their services.

Silicon Palms Blog – in-depth, informative posts from Internet marketing consultant Aaron Day who moved himself & his biz from the U.S. to Sao Paulo in 2002.

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