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Media in Argentina: Newspapers, Internet, Radio & T.V.

Argentinians are fairly opinionated, as is evident in the 150-plus daily newspapers in the country, 100-plus commercial radio stations and more than 16 million Internet users.

Producing the Radio Program 'Cual es?' in Buenos Aries

Argentina reportedly has one of the world’s highest viewing rates for cable TV and the second-highest number of Web surfers in South America (Brazil has the most). Argentinians like to know what´s going on and if you do as well – it won´t be difficult in Argentina.


Argentina’s main news publications are: Clarín, La Nación, Crónica, El Cronista Commercial, Página 12, Diario Popular and La Prensa.

For those of us who don´t read Spanish – you can find the English-language Buenos Aires Herald in the capital as well as other cities. You can also read it online – Buenos Aires Another English-language online news source is Argentina Newsonline here.

International news agencies covering Argentina include (click on link for recent articles): New York Times (Argentina), (Argentina), (Argentina) and BBC News (Argentina).

Financial District in Cordoba - Second Largest City in Argentina


It is estimated Argentina has over 16 million Internet users and 1.7 million registered domain names (.ar). You would be hard-pressed to find a major hotel, restaurant, tour operator, museum, city or town without an online presence (website). Airline and other large-scale tourist-oriented buisnesses such as Boquebus have the option to purchase tickets online, similar to the U.S. and Canada.

Dial-up service is still common but broadband connections, mainly ADSL, are becoming more popular. There is wireless and satellite service in the country, and like any other country, what options you have available for any type of service depends on what area of the country you live in.

Service to your home will cost approximately $40 USD per month. An hour in an Internet cafe will set you back $1 – $1.50 USD depending on the area of the country.

Radio & T.V.

For your listening and viewing pleasure, there are hundreds of radio stations (many unlicensed), dozens of TV stations and the ever-present television with cable TV wherever you find yourself landing in the country – especially in bars and casual restaurants.

Some popular radio stations are: Radio Mitre (private, operated by Grupo Clarin), Radio Nacional (state-run, cultural), Radio America (private, news-oriented), Radio Continental (private AM/mediumwave network), Los 40 Principales (private FM music network).

There are five superstations (T.V. broadcasting) in Buenos Aires, four are privately owned – channels 2, 9, 11, and 13 – and one is public – channel 7.

Basic descriptions of the channels are as follows: Telefe (Canal 11 operated by Grupo Telefe), El Trece (Canal 13 operated by Grupo Clarin), Canal 9 (national network), America (Canal 2), Canal 7 (state-run cultural, educational network) and Todo Noticias – a cable/satellite news channel owned by Grupo Clarin.

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