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Keep Calm and Eat Chivitos


MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAYAnthony Bourdain said that every country has its own version of a sandwich: meat inside some sort of bread. In Mexico, it’s the taco, in the US the hotdog. In Uruguay — it’s the Chivito.

Chivito - the Uruguayan national sandwich

The Chivito – sliced filet mignon, mozzarella, tomatoes, mayonnaise & more

Legend has it that the Chivito originated at “El MejilliĆ³n”, a famous restaurant in Punta del Este in the 1940s, when a patron from northern Argentina (Cordoba) ordered baby goat meat (“chivito”) like she was used to eating back home. But since the restaurant’s owner didn’t have this specialty, he served her toasted bread with ham and sliced filet mignon, seasoning it with different ingredients. The restaurant doesn’t exist anymore, but the sandwich soon became recognized as the national dish of Uruguay.

So many little time

So many Chivitos…so little time

During my short visit to Montevideo, knowing I had to make the most of my limited time, I made sure to sample as many chivitos as possible – indulging in at least one per day.

Chivito with fried egg on top

Chivito with fried egg on top

Can I tell you? Every single one was different. Different ingredients, different buns, even different cooking styles. Among the ingredients I saw, tasted and/or was offered were eggs – both fried and boiled, bacon, olives, numerous kinds of cheese, mustard, bacon, Canadian bacon, as well as a vast array of spices and sauces. And I finished every single chivito the same way…with an empty plate!
I belong to the clean plate club

I belong to the clean plate club

So when it comes to Chivito-eating. Don’t be shy! Ya gotta try ’em all. And the bounty is endless. Just sayin’….

And as always, Buen Provecho!

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