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How to Find a Cheap Flight

The following are some basic tips for getting the best prices on budget airlines for your next trip to South America. Remember that flying during high season is going to be the costliest fares across the board: avoid flying on holidays and especially during Carnival – end of February to beginning of March.         Map of South America

Boeing 737 Used by RyanAir – Low Cost Carrier Based in Ireland

Tips For Getting Cheap Airfare

  1. Book your flight to South America a month in advance if possible. Booking two weeks ahead of your departure time may offer a decent price break but more often than not scheduling your flight a month or more in advance can add more savings (as long as you are avoiding peak travel periods, of course).
  2. Book departure and arrival days midweek, instead of on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Afterwards, play with the dates to make sure you are getting the best deal i.e. first find the price for a Wednesday departure and arrival, then enter in a Monday date, Friday date, etc to do a quick comparison.
  3. Use an airfare watchdog service that will send you email notification if the fare goes down. One good option is fare alerts by, to use the service click here. This is a great way to have someone else be doing the work for you while you spend your time planning your trip!
  4. Use the online search comparison tools such as, or Expedia but also check the airlines website directly.
  5. Sign-up for a frequent flyer program, and then use the services that will add miles to your card (affiliate programs) and pay for them with your card. Sign-up for the companies eLetter (all major airlines have one) that will give you notice when they have a special deal coming up.

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