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How Much Does it Cost to Live in South America?

You asked “how much does it cost to live in South America?” It depends on where you want to live! Would you like to live in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru or Uruguay? Ok, now we´re talking.

Geographic Regions and Subregions of South America - by the United Nations Statistics Division

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The general frame of reference is Boliva, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru have many low-cost locations where you can live on $800 USD per month comfortably. If your budget extends to $1000 USD per month and up, you will find many locations in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay that you can call home.

Most who move to South America are adventurous souls who want to see and do all they can while living on the continent. To travel cheaply and get the most miles for your dollar you need to visit Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador or Peru.

Travel in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay can be costly – especially the larger countries Argentina and Brazil where just getting from one area to the next takes multiple hours and therefore costs more.

Costs to enter tourist attractions are high all over South America, and as a tourist you will charged up to three times the price charged to locals. The best way to have a low-cost stay is to limit your travel time, and enjoy one area of the continent for an extended time.

That way you discover the best deals for restaurants, shopping and actually get to live like a local with all the benefits that entails. It’s also a great way to make friends and work on your language skills.

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To find the currency used by your country of choice and information such as: ATMs (where are they located); how to do a wire transfer; credit cards (what is accepted in the country?); travelers checks (where can you cash them?) and where to exchange money, click on the country’s link:
Money & Currency in Argentina       Money & Currency in Ecuador
Money & Currency in Uruguay       Money & Currency in Bolivia

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