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Holidays & Dates in Brazil

A list of public holidays in Brazil. The Portuguese name is in parenthesis. The extent of which normal buisness operations will be affected depends on where you are living or traveling… i.e. how big the local party is! Also below are additional days of celebration (such as Carnival).     Map of Brazil

Tabebuia, or "Golden Trumpet Tree" - National Flower of Brazil

  • New Year’s Day (Ano Novo/Confraternização Universal) – January 1st
  • Trident’s Day (Dia de Tiradentes) – April 21st
  • Labor Day or “International Worker’s Day (Dia do Trabalhador) – May 1st
  • Easter Sunday (Domingo de Páscoa) – March/April
  • Independence Day Celebrations (Dia da Independência) – August 6th
  • Our Lady of Aparecida (Nossa Senhora Aparecida) – October 12th
  • Republic Day (Proclamação da República) – November 15th
  • Christmas Day (Natal) – December 25th

Additional Festivals and Days of Celebration

  • Founding of Rio de Janeiro Day – January 20th
  • Founding of Sao Paulo Day – January 25th
  • Carnival – February/March
  • April Fools Day (Lies Day) – April 1st
  • Mother’s Day (Feliz dia das Mães) – Second Sunday in May
  • Lover’s Day (Brazil’s version of Valentines Day) – June 12th

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