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Grocery Shopping in Arequipa, Peru & Price Chart of Items

Helpful Checkout Clerk at the El Super Store at Plaza de Armas

Arequipa is the second largest city in Peru with approximately 840,000 people. All those folks need to eat and buy groceries. In addition to the large farmer’s market Mercado San Camilo there is a small supermarket located at Plaza de Armas – El Super – and a few Plaza Vea megastores that sell electronics, homeware, toys and clothing in addition to most grocery items you could wish for.

Plaza Vea also sells a large selection of prepared foods in the deli: roasted chicken, vegetable dishes, pastas, and salads plus has a fresh seafood section.

Both El Super and Plaza Vea have a large selection of imported cheeses, packaged goods, sauces, wine and spirits, etc. You can compare prices between the two stores for a few items using the chart and information below.   Planning a trip to Arequipa or considering living there?   Travel Guide to Arequipa

Packets of Spices at El Super

Packaged Soups at El Super

Mercado San Camilo is your best bet to buy fruits, veggies & dried goods in bulk.

The prices for items available at El Super below are for 2012. The prices have been converted into US dollars. At time of conversion $1 USD equaled 2.6 soles.

                  Prices of Commonly Purchased Items at El Super in Arequipa.

Pringles Extreme (139 g) = $2.70 whole chicken (per kilo) = $3.20 whole milk (1 litre) = $1.26 Tampico Citrus Punch (1.87 litre) = $1.37
fresh pinapple (per kg) = $1.10 Coca Cola (2.25 litre) = $2.10 bottled water (2.5 litre) = 92 cents eggs (15 pack) = $1.99
Gouda Cheese (per kilo) = $12.56 Philadelphia Creme Cheese (8 oz) = $3.24 brown sugar (1 kg) = $1.41 broccoli (per kilo) = $1.48
Buffalo Wing Hot Sauce (12 oz) = $3.55 Mc IlHenry Co. Tabasco (60 ml) = $4.31 Blue Cheese Dressing (340 ml) = $4.58 Bailey’s Irish Creme (750 ml) = $21.37
red wine (750 cc) = $3.81 – $21.37 Toblerone Chocolate (100 g) = $4.20 butter (200 g) = $2.79 green/red apples (per kilo) = $2.48
avocado (per kilo) = $3.40 Morton Lite Salt (11 oz) = $3.05 toilet paper (6 rolls) = $1.37 Nutella (350 g) = $6.45

                  Prices of Commonly Purchased Items at a Plaza Vea in Arequipa.

Saturday Afternoon at a Plaza Vea

Want to compare the prices of El Super (located at Plaza de Armas) to the larger megastore – Plaza Vea? Here are prices for a few of the same items listed in the chart above: green apples per kilo ($2.97), red apples per kilo ($2.63), whole chicken per kilo ($2.68), 200 g butter ($2.35), 15 eggs ($2.17), fresh pineapple per kilo (95 cents).

The Plaza Vea did have quite a few more imported goods (is a much larger store) such as: imported cheddar and Gruyere cheese, Kellogg’s Fruit Loops, Quaker Instant Oatmeal packets, Johnnie Walker Gold Label and Austin Nicols Wild Turkey Aged 8 years Bourbon. Plaza Vea also has a large fresh seafood section.

Photographs by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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