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Fun Facts About South America Quiz for Kids

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Scarlet Macaws that are Indigenous to the Amazon Rain Forest

Fun Facts About South America Quiz

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1. Did you know South America has the largest rain forest in the world? It is around 4 million square kilometers and has over 2.5 million insect species. One fifth of the world’s fresh water is contained in this rain forest. What is its name?

2. The second longest river in the world in in South America. Do you know its name? Hint: it has the same name as the answer to question #1!

3. There is a waterfall in South America almost 1000 meters high (3300 feet), one of the highest in the world. It is called Angel Falls (Santo del Angel or Salto del Angel in Spanish) and was discovered by an American in 1937 named Jimmy Angel. Do you know what country it is located in?

4. One country in South America is not only the largest, it also has the most people. What is its name?

5. Where is the highest point in South America? Hint: It is located in the largest mountain range.

6. South America has the largest salt flat in the world that is located in Bolivia. What is its name?

7. The driest place on earth (at times…) is located in South America. What is its name? Hint: It’s a desert!

8. What scientist made the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador famous?

9. What country has the mysterious etchings that are best seen by air called the Nasca Lines?

10. What famous waterfalls are located in the tri-border area consisting of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay?

11. What country had a ski resort with the first rope tow in South America that is now no longer functioning as the volcano dried up?

12. What countries state flag has three horizontal bands, the top and bottom bands a color ‘of the heavens’ and the middle a white band with a picture of the May sun?

13. What natural resource (discovered in 1921) has made Venezuela one of the richest countries in South America?

14. The southernmost city in the world in located in South America, what country is it in and what is its name?

15. The hiighest altitude city is located in South America, what is its name and what country is it in?

16. This beautiful, majestic bird is a vulture and the largest flying bird in the world. It is also a national symbol of Chile, Ecuador and Peru and sits atop the coat of arms of Colombia. What is its name?

17. You can view up close real, live (preserved over millions of years…) dinosaur’s footprints in South America. Really! Do you know where?

Answers to Quiz

1. Amazon Rain Forest
2. Amazon River
3. Venezuela
4. Brazil
5. Cerro Aconagua (Andes Mountains) in Argentina
6. Salar de Uyuni
7. Atacama Desert in Chile
8. Charles Darwin
9. Peru
10. Iguazu Falls
11. Bolivia   Ski Resorts in South America
12. Argentina. The ‘color of the heavens’ is celestial blue!   Flags of South America
13. Oil   BBC article on Venezuela’s Oil Industry
14. Ushuaia located on the island Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire in English) in Argentina.
Note: There are other settlements further south but smaller than Ushuaia and not considered ‘cities’.
15. La Rinconada, Peru at 5,100 meters (16,732.28 feet) above sea level.
Note: The highest town in the world according to the Guiness Book of World Records is Wenzhuan located in China. It is 5,099 meters (16,730 feet) above sea level.
16. Andean Condor   Brief History of the Andean Condor & Its Near Extinction
17. Dinosaur Park near Sucre Bolivia   El Parque Cretácico (Dinosaur Park in Spanish)

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