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El Parque Cretácico (Dinosaur Park) in Sucre, Bolivia

Enter at Your Own Risk! Dinosaur Head Above Entrance to the Park

Bolivia’s answer to Jurassic Park (miniature version!), Parque Cretácico is home to one of the largest sculptures in the world – 36 X 18 metres replica of the dinosaur Titanosaurus – and is the largest paleontological site in the world.

The park is located 40 minutes from Sucre and situated on a hill overlooking a limestone wall containing 5055 authentic dinosaur tracks. There are telescopes to view the tracks up close but you can see them in the distance with normal vision as well.

Note: There is no sign to the park off the main road. Public bus #4 from Sucre will drop you off at the entrance to “Concretec”. You then walk through the gates of this business property and up a winding hill to reach the entrance to Parque Cretacico. If you can not handle walking a short distance up a very steep hill, take a cab from Sucre or the private shuttle from Plaza 25 de Mayo.

Take a short stroll through the park grounds by viewing this YouTube Video:

Completed in 2006, the park is very small, yet very well done with geranium-filled manicured gardens throughout. In addition to dinosaur sculptures and recorded sounds of ferocious roaring that will make any under 5 year old believe they may in fact be walking amongst real live prehistoric beasts… there is a museum, children’s play area, restaurant and souvenir shop.

Included with admission is a free guided tour lasting around 30 minutes. You can also learn about the area and the history of dinosaurs around the world by visiting the audiovisual room and viewing the BBC documentary “Caminando con Dinosaurs” (“Walking with Dinosaurs” in English).

A Iguanodontian About to Be Eaten by an Abelisaurian. Yikes & Run Away, Run Away!

Dinosaur Sculpture in the Park

Another Frightening Creature

Museum Featuring a Skeleton of a Carnotaurus

Getting To Sucre

Airlines that fly into La Paz from international locations include Air Canada, LAN and American Airlines. To get to Sucre from La Paz by bus is around 7 hours.

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Photographs & video by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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