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Discreet Relief for the Avid Adventurer: Travel Essentials You Can’t Go Without

"Do I really need all this stuff?"

“Do I really need all this stuff?”

Choosing what to pack for an adventurous vacation can be confusing. You don’t want to pack too much, but you also don’t want to leave out something essential. It is important to think logically about what you can get at your destination and what you should make sure to pack in your suitcase. Here is a list of travel essentials that you cannot do without.

Activity specific equipment

You might be the type of traveller who wants to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities on your trip. This means you need to customize your list based on exactly what you plan on doing. For example, if you plan on cycling, consider bringing along your bike helmet. Joggers might want their favorite pair of running shoes. Hikers will want to take a comprehensive pack complete with a first aid kit, hydration pack, water pump for longer trips, and shelter.

La Rambla, Montevideo - Always alive with runners

La Rambla, Montevideo – Always alive with runners

The right clothing

If you are not dressed comfortably, it can be hard to enjoy your favorite activities. It is important to plan what clothing to take so that you don’t spend your adventure feeling uncomfortable or shopping for what you need. If you are lacking something, be sure to buy it before your trip. Product reviews of compression running tights can help make sure that you purchase what is right for you if you plan on jogging or hiking during much of your trip. Compression clothing can be useful in providing support, moisture wicking, and reducing soreness. Rain gear is essential for almost any avid adventurer. Good rain gear will be easy to pack and lightweight.


It can be hard to find or even impossible to get some medications when traveling, which is why it is essential that you have an extra supply. For example, if you happen to be delayed during a hike, you will have one less thing to worry about if you already have your medication on hand. Packing ahead of time includes non-prescription medicines as well, as you might have a hard time even finding aspirin in some remote areas.

Ready to ride in Bolivia

Ready to ride in Bolivia

Major equipment: to take or rent?

If you are an avid bicyclist, you might have a nice bike that you would like to use on your vacation. If you are travelling by car, it makes sense to bring it along. However, those who are traveling long distances by air are probably better off renting a bike when they reach their destination.

Checking your list

A great trip is one that is well planned so that you can make the most of it when you reach your destination. Planning well ahead of time will make sure that you have time to check your packing list for anything you might have missed. If you are going on a guided adventure, be sure to check with the tour company to see if you need to bring any specific gear. Sometimes tour companies have convenient lists that can take all the guesswork out of planning your trip.

Wherever your next adventure destination is, rural or urban, it’s important that you are prepared. Advanced planning can go a long way towards ensuring you have a safe and fun vacation.

Morning in Medellin, Colombia

Morning in Medellin, Colombia

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