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Cheap Places in South America FREE eBook

This FREE eBook is for anyone who is planning a trip to South America or a long-term move. It is a compilation of the best budget locations as well as tips to travel the continent at the lowest cost, written by Molly McHugh, former editor/publisher of South America Living.

You can download by clicking here: “Cheap Places in South America & Budget Travel Tips“.


Twenty one popular destinations in South America are featured; as Cheap Places to Live and the best Cheap Places to Travel in South America. The book is 110 pages and illustrated with 24 of our favorite photographs. I share the hottest tips for where to go for an extended stay if on a tight budget and how to get the most fun out of your travel funds.

To receive your free copy, just send an email to: molly(@) or click here.

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Table of Contents of Cheap Places in South America & Budget Travel Tips eBook

Chapter 1: Introduction
Who We Are
Where We’ve Been
Why Read This ebook

Chapter 2: Cheap Places to Live
Salta, Argentina
Miramar, Argentina
Sucre, Bolivia
Cotacachi, Ecuador
Vilcabamba, Ecuador
Huanchaco, Peru
Cusco, Peru
Medellin, Colombia
Salto, Uruguay

Chapter 3: Cheap Places to Travel
Quebrada de Humahuaca, Argentina
Chaco Province, Argentina
Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
Copacabana, Bolivia
Tupiza, Bolivia
Potosi, Bolivia
BaƱos, Ecuador
Montanita, Ecuador
Colca Canyon, Peru
Mancora, Peru
Paracas, Peru
Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

Chapter 4: Budget Travel Tips
How to Save Costs on Transportation
How to Save Costs on Housing
How to Save Costs on Food
Money & Currency
Crossing Borders & Visa Fees
How to Find a Cheap Flight
Travel Insurance

Chapter 5: Conclusion
How Difficult Will it Be?
How Much Will it Cost Per Day?
How to Contact the Author

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