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Buying Real Estate or Renting in South America

Woud you like to live in South America and own your own mountain chalet, city apartment or beach cabin? You can and these articles will show you how with step-by-step detailed explanations of what you have to do, the documents you need to have, etc.

Rental House in Uruguay Converted Into a Hostal

Some countries have restrictions on foreign ownership, others are very lax. Most often you are not required to be a resident but can purchase with only a Tourist Visa.

Click on a link below to read laws regarding foreign purchase of real estate in your chosen location and be shown the steps you need to take to purchase your new dream home. It is not as difficult as you may think!

Real Estate in Argentina     Real Estate in Ecuador     Real Estate in Uruguay

Need to rent an apartment or house while you search for property or as a new temporary home? The best advice you will ever receive consists of two words: Off-Season! Why? Because during high-season not only will most areas try to charge exhorbitant rent, there will also often be no rentals available.

Another important consideration is knowing how much deposit you will have to pay, if any. In some countries such as Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia it is easy to rent in many areas, with only the first and last months rent required to move-in. In other countries such as Argentina and Uruguay they often require a ‘guarantee’ (someone in the country who owns property to co-sign for you) or an outrageous 6 months to a years rent paid up-front, though not always.

Renting in Argentina     Renting in Uruguay     Renting in Bolivia

Can’t decide which country would be best for you and your family to relocate to? Scroll through our FREE online Living Abroad guides. Each guide covers topics such as: Crime & Safety, Money & Costs, Tourist Attractions, Renting an Apartment, Buying Real Estate, Weather & When to Go, List of Expatriate Blogs, Transportation and more!

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