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Brasília, Brazil Travel Guide

Asa Norte - Tourist Zone in Brasilia With Many Hotels

Brasília (Brazil in Latin) is only 50 years young. It was innaugurated the capital city of Brazil in 1960, with development beginning in 1955. It is the fourth largest city in Brazil, with a population of approximately 2,557,000.

In 1987 Brasília was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To learn why visit one or more of the following: The National Congress of Brazil, Ponte Bridge, Esplanada dos Ministérios, Palacio Alvorada commons or the Brasília Cathedral.

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The climate of Brasilia is subtropical. There is a dry season (April to September) and a wet season due to increased humidity present October through March. The average temperature is 20.5 degress C (68.9 F).

Tourist Attractions and Things To Do in Brasília

Waterfall Inside Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park

  • Take a dip in the mineral springs within Brasília National Park. The park consists of close to 30,000 hectacres all located within the Federal District. It is the largest natural urban area in the world and has wolves, giant armadillos, wild pigs, capybaras, pampas deer, jaguars, and anacondas roaming around in addition to the mineral springs that are very popular for a visit.
  • Spend a sunny afternoon at Lake Paranoá – an artificial lake that was built to increase the amount of water available to the region. It has the second largest marina in Brazil and is a popular haunt of wakeboard and windsurf practitioners.
  • Visit a Brazilian religious cult – Vale do Amanhecer (Valley of Dawn in English) – located just 20km (12 miles) outside of the city. Thousands of psychic mediums are members of the group who claim to interact with inhabitants of a planet named Capela and help to absorb the Earth’s negative spirits so they can be converted into postive energy. Very interesting stuff!   Source: Cults of Brasília
  • Hit two spots in one visit at the Cultural Complex of the Republic (Complexo Cultural da República in Portuguese) that houses the National Library of Brasília and the National Museum of the Republic.
  • Learn some local history when the stars are out by taking a Brasilia by Night Tour. One stop is the TV Tower Observatory with panoramic views of the city. More information here: Brasilia Activities and Tours
  • Visit the Memorial do Pavos Indigenous to learn about the early inhabitants of the area and their culture. The museum has artifacts and exhibits illustrating what life was like in earlier times.

A nearby popular attraction worth the travel time to get there is Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, 230km (143 miles) from the city. It is around 3 hours by bus to reach the small town 12 miles from the entrance to the park – Alto Paraíso de Goiás – that has tourist facilities.

Not only are the waterfalls and numerous hiking trails enchanting… the grounds are layered ontop of a quartz crystal bed.

Note: Due to heavy rains the park is closed to the public from December to February.

Best Time to Visit Brasília

Brasilia, similar to most of Brazil, has a tropical climate with comfortable temperatures year-round. There is a dry season, however, with low-humidity and a ‘wet’ season with high-levels of humidity. The dry season begins in late March or the beginning of April and lasts approximately to October. Humidity rarely gets above 50% during these months and is often closer to 20%.

The months November through February have more precipitation, slightly lower temperatures – average lows of 17 degrees C (63 F) and average highs of 27 degrees C (81 F). Humidity during these wetter months can commonly run up to 90%.

Where to Stay in Brasília


  1. Name: Royal Tulip Brasília Alvorada   Book Now
    Area: Paranoa Lake 1/2 mile from Alvorada Palace
    Address: SHTN Trecho 1, Conjunto 1B, Bloco C
    Website: On the shore of Paranoá Lake with pool, tennis courts, king-size beds, private terraces and living rooms in some suites. English pub and International cusine restaurant onsite.
  2. Name: Sonesta Hotel Brasilia
    Area: Central area near Banking district
    Address: SHN Quadra 5 – Bloco B


  1. Name: Bristol Hotel
    Area: Central
    Address: SHS Qd. 04 Bloco F
  2. Name: Hotel das Naçoes
    Area: Across the street from Patío Brasil Shopping
    Address: Setor Hoteleiro Sul, Quadra 4, Bloco I


  1. Name: Pousada Villa Zen Guesthouse
    Area: Central – Super Quadras Sul Neighborhood
    Address: SHIGS 705 Bloco A Casa 3
  2. Name: Brasília Hostel
    Area: Asa Norte
    Address: Parque Norte (SRPN) Quadra 02

Where to Eat in Brasília


  1. Name: Fogo de Chão (Brazillian Steak House)
    Area: Central
    Address: SHS quadra 5, Bloco E
  2. Name: Patu Anu (International cuisine)
    Area: Lago Norte
    Address: ML trecho 12, Conjunto 1, casa 07


  1. Name: Don Durica (All-you-can-eat buffet)
    Area: Federal District
    Address: SCLN 201, Bloco A
    Website: None. Read a review.
  2. Name: Bardana (Vegetarian)
    Area: Central
    Address: SCLS 405 bloco A
    Website: None. Read a review.


  1. Name: Pizzaria Dom Bosco (Italian)
    Area: Three different locations
    Address: Three locales: CLS 107 Bloco D Loja 20; CLN 306 Bloco C Loja 46; CLSW 303 Bloco A Loja 18
    Website: None. Read a review.
  2. Name: Food Court at Conjunto Nacional Mall (multiple restaurants & types of food)
    Area: Asa Norte – next to Rodoviaria Bus Terminal
    Address: Conjunto Nacional Mall
    Website: None. Read a review.

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