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Tigre, Argentina to Carmelo, Uruguay Border Crossing

Tigre, Argentina Ferry Dock

A longer but less expensive way (than taking Boquebus) to travel from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Uruguay is by small passenger ferry from Tigre through the Parana River Delta to the small town of Carmelo.

Tigre is a lovely town to spend a day in and has a few overnight facilities (see below). It is approximately 18 mi (27 km) north of Buenos Aires. You can get to Tigre Delta Station from Buenos Aires’ downtown Retiro railway station or from platform stops in Las Cañitas and Belgrano. It is an approximate 45 minutes by train or bus.   Travel Guide to Buenos Aires

The ‘launchas colectivas’ (bus boats or small ferry in English) leave to Carmelo from The Fluvial Terminal located at Avenida Mitre #305 (on the river bank). Prior to embarking you exit through Argentina Immigrations at the terminal and then enter Uruguay through Immigrations when arriving in Carmelo.

There are two boats daily, including holidays. Seven days a week a boat departs from Tigre at 8:30 a.m. There is a daily afternoon departure as well – Monday through Friday at 5:30 p.m and on Saturday and Sunday leaving at 4:30 p.m. For more information visit the official Cacciola website.

There is a small amusement park for children in Tigre called Parque de la Costa and two museums: the Naval Museum and the Municipal Museum of Art (MAT).

The ride to Carmelo through the river delta is a pleasant 2 hours with snacks and drinks available.

Places to Stay in Tigre, Argentina

Municipal Museum of Art (Museo de Arte de Tigre in Spanish)

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