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La Quicaca, Argentina to Villazon, Bolivia Border Crossing

Bienvenidos! Welcome to Bolivia!

Welcome to Bolivia! Buy your cheap electronic goods here! That pretty much sums up the border town of Villazon, many traveler’s point of entry on their way to Tupiza and beyond.

Immigrations is open from 6 a.m. – 7 p.m. on both the Bolivian and Argentinian side. The borders are open 24 hours but not Immigrations. Your best – and safest – times to cross are during the day. There is little reason to stay in either town but La Quiaca has a bit more tourist infrastructure i.e. hostals and restaurants.

Villazon has places to eat and a few hotels but shopping is the main gig with tienda upon tienda displaying cameras, shoes, clothing, etc.

Bolivia charges reciprocity fees to travelers from certain countries. Find out if you need to pay and how much here: Reciprocity Fees in South America for U.S., Canadian, Australian & UK Passport Holders.

La Quicaca is 6 hours by bus from JuJuy, Argentina or 3 hours via Humahuaca. The bus terminal in Villazon is just five blocks from the border with the train station a few blocks further. Tupiza is only 2 hours by bus, 3 hours by train from the border.

There are plenty of taxis in La Quicaca to take you to the border, just five minutes away, less than $1 USD cab fare.

Shops Lining the Street in Villazon

Ladies Knitting On The Corner

Selling Snacks at the Bus Station at La Quicaca, Argentina

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Photographs by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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