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Chuy, Uruguay to Chui, Brazil Border Crossing

Border at Chuy, Uruguay

Taking a trip to Uruguay? After a brief stop in the capital city Montevideo heading to the beaches for some summer fun on the Atlantic coast?

Planning to visit Punta del Este, La Paloma (surf haven), Cabo Polonio (remote & scenic), Punta del Diablo (small, crazy party town) then continue on a short distance more (less than an hour) to the border at Chuy to cross into Brazil?

Well, here is what you will encounter as you exit Uruguay (view YouTube video below). It is not a sleepy outpost as you would expect from this remote location but a fairly major industrial transit zone.


Waiting in Line at Chuy, Uruguay Immigrations

The border is actually about 3 km (1.8 miles) north of the town of Chuy. You need to let the bus driver know you are wanting to be dropped-off at “la frontera” (“the border” in Spanish) or say “Immigrations” in English and he´ll understand just fine. The bus passes 10 feet from the Immigrations office front door.

If you are simply heading to the town of Chuy to buy some cheap duty-free electronic goods… you can get really crazy and cross into Brazil with the stroke of a step. The town is actually divided between Chuy, Uruguay and Chui, Brazil. Walk across the main street at the correct location and you have entered Brazil – jump back across the street and you are back in Uruguay (don´t want to be an Illegal Immigrant, do you?). Get real crazy and hop back and forth, from one country to the other – multiple times in a minute. Is there a Guiness Book World Record in there somewhere?

But, seriously… if you are wanting to travel to Brazil, you will need to backtrack from the town of Chuy to the Immigrations office, show your passport and do all the things a good, law-abiding tourist does. Sigh. Sometimes life´s just not that much fun.

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Photographs by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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