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Bella Union, Uruguay to Monte Caseros, Argentina Border Crossing

Buy Your Ferry Ticket Here! Outside the Immigration Office in Bella Union

There are numerous ways to get from Uruguay to Argentina and this is most likely one of the fastest and ‘tranquilo’ (relaxing in Spanish) crossings out of all – taking a 10 minute boat ride across the Uruguay River (Río Uruguay in Spanish), from Bella Union to Monte Caseros, or vice versa!

Take the journey online by watching this short – very short – video shot from inside of the boat while crossing the river:   YouTube Video – Bella Union, Uruguay to Monte Caseros, Argentina by Ferry

Bella Union is a very small town – only one hotel and one hide-away pension (lowest cost, shared bath) that you need to know where it is as there is no sign. No worries, I am going to tell you!

Low-cost Pension in Bella Union. Just Behind the Gate Next to the Pet Store!

Check out the photo to the right – look for that pet store (only 3 blocks from the bus drop-off) and give a loud clap outside the gate (how Uruguayans announce their presence if there is no bell). Family-run with a nice, elderly lady owner.

Bella Union is a short 2 hours by bus from Salto, Uruguay. If your goal is to get to Iguazu Falls this is an option in addition to crossing from Salto to Concordia, Argentina. For information on Salto, read:   Travel in Uruguay – Salto

You cannot take a direct bus to Iguazu from Monte Caseros but must continue hopping around northern Argentina. Go to Posadas, then you can take a direct 5 hour bus to Iguazu. An option for those who want to take their time and don’t want to take the 10 hour direct bus from Salto.

Park By the River in Bella Union

Dry Grassy Grounds of the Park - It's Hot in Summer!

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Photographs by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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