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Big Meal of the Day


I love having my big meal in the mid afternoon as is the custom here in Latin America. It just makes so much sense. A small breakfast followed by the big meal of the day about 2 or 3 pm.

Then maybe a snack of yogurt, berries and seeds or a salad about 8. It keeps the weight down this way too, as there’s plenty of opportunity to exercise after a mid afternoon meal — even if it’s a night out dancing!

I had this meal with a co-worker today at Barra Azul in downtown Ensenada, BC Mexico.


Seafood Risotto (top photo) and Yellowtail in a ginger and citrus sauce over sticky rice (above).


One glass of wine and two lemonades.

Total cost for two? US$38.57 before tip. Lovely!

So, whether you’re in Latin America or not, the concept of the big meal of the day in mid afternoon is a health conscious decision. Think about it.

And, as always, Buen Provecho!

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