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Visas & Fees for Argentina

IguazĂș Falls, Argentina at the Brazilian Border

IguazĂș Falls, Argentina at the Brazilian Border

Nationals of the USA, Canada, Australia and most Western European countries such as the UK need a valid passport to enter Argentina and to pay a reciprocity fee prior to travel. We recommend using this great site to get your Argentina Reciprocity Fee online and anything else you need.

Since January, 2013, Argentina charges a fee to enter the country at all border crossings, not just the airport. The fee is $160 USD for U.S. citizens (valid for 10 years, multiple entries), $100 USD for Australians (valid for 1 year, multiple entries) and $92 USD for Canadians (valid until one month before passport expires, multiple entries from border countries of Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, etc.).

Note: Embassy contact & emergency assistance information: Living in Argentina – Embassies of the USA, Canada, Australia & UK.

You must pay prior to arrival. You cannot pay at a border crossing, nor at the airport upon arrival. Pay the Argentina Reciprocity Fee now. Detailed instructions on how to pay are on the website.

The requirements established by the Argentine government with regards to this fee are in-effect the same requirements that are required of citizens of Argentina when traveling to the reciprocal country.

If you are a parent traveling solo with your child or children you may be asked to show a notarized document certifying that the other parent has agreed to allow the children to leave the U.S. This is not stringently enforced in Argentina.

In addition to the reciprocity fee charged upon entering the country, all travelers are charged a $18 USD departure tax (approximate, subject to change) when leaving the country by air. This fee is usually included in the price of your airline ticket.

If you choose to stay in Argentina longer than 90 days you must either cross a border into a neighboring country and re-enter the country for a new 90 day tourist stamp in your passport or go to an Immigrations office and pay for an additional 90 days in the country – approximately $75 USD per person. After 180 days, you must leave the country but can re-enter at a border crossing (and start the process all over again).

If you overstay your alloted time you will be fined upon leaving the country at the border (or airport) – around $75 USD.

If you want to pay for your visa online, you can do so at this government website.

If you want to live indefinitely in the country legally you can become a resident of Argentina. A few advantages of becoming a resident are: being able to purchase a car; own a business; low-cost college tuition for your children, and never having to leave the country to update a visa.

You do not need to become a resident in order to purchase property in Argentina. More information and how to buy real estate is located here: Living in Argentina – Purchasing Real Estate.

For more information on living in Argentina – click here to get your FREE online Living in Argentina Guide.

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