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Police Emergency Information for Argentina

Argentine Federal Police (PFA) Building in Buenos Aires

The Argentine Federal Police (Policía Federal Argentina in Spanish or PFA) are located throughout the country but operate primarily in the Federal District of Buenos Aires. The Policía Metropolitana de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Metropolitan Police in English) also have watch over Buenos Aires. The Tourist Police help assist with questions and minor issues. They also help non-Spanish speakers file a police report if needed.

Outside of the capital and federal district, local police officers in uniform are what you will most likely come across. There are local police stations in all towns and cities.

In general, police response to non-Argentine nationals is adequate (especially when treated politely) with much less harassment reported than other Latin American countries.

Armoured Vehicle of the Policía Federal. Buenos Aires, 2008.

Regardless, if you are unfortunate enough to be detained by the police while visiting Argentina, you should request permission to contact the embassy or consulate of your home country and do so immediately. They can help provide you with legal counsel, contact relatives and help insure your well-being.

Contact information can be found here: Living in Argentina – Embassies of the USA, Canada, Australia & UK.

If you are driving in Argentina you need to be prepared. Police checkpoints are located throughout the country but especially in Buenos Aires. You may be stopped and asked to show your passport, driver´s license (or International Driving Permit), insurance certificate and vehicle registration.

Police Emergency Numbers

  • Capital Federal Police – 911
  • Emergency Dispatch for Buenos Aires (city), Santa Fe (city), Rosario (city), Salta and Buenos Aires (provinces)

  • Buenos Aires Provincial Police (suburbs) – 911
  • Tourist Police: 4346-5748 or email:
  • Fire Department – 100

For medical emergencies in Capital Federal City of Buenos Aires dial 107.

For more information – including medical emergency numbers in Buenos Aires Province – view Living in Argentina – Medical Emergency Information.     More Articles in the Living in Argentina Guide

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