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Medical Emergency Information for Argentina

The University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine

Argentina churns out approximately 3,000 physicians per year. Many of these graduates have studied at The University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine, pictured to the left, as well as abroad. If you experience a medical emergency while living in or visiting Buenos Aires, you will be in good hands.

Other areas of the country also have many skilled physicians and specialists as well as fully-equipped modern hospitals such as Mendoza, Cordoba, Bariloche, Rosarito, Mar del Plata and Salta.

There are three main classifications of health care providers in Argentina: the public sector, mutuals (social plans) and the private sector (patient pays full amount).

Private sector physicians, clinics and hospitals often require up-front cash payment for health services. The average doctor visit costs between $20 USD to $50 USD (specialist).

Argentine citizens (around 50% of the population) recieve free care at various public clinics and hospitals throughout the country but must purchase their own personal medications. Whether or not you can recieve similar care as a non-national depends on the area of the country and the facilities policies. Mutual plans are administered through the trade unions in conjunction with employers and employees who each pay a fixed amount.

Medical Emergency Phone Numbers

Buenos Aires Province:

  • San Isidro – JJ Diaz 818, San Isidro – 4512- 3700
  • San Lucas – Belgrano 369, San Isidro – 4732- 8888
  • Sanatorio Trinidad – Fleming 590, San Isidro – 4793- 6766

Municipal Emergency Medical Service:

  • Hospital Fernandez – Cervino 3356 – 4808-2600
  • Hospital Aleman – Pueyrredon 1640 – 4821-1700
  • Sanatorio – Trinidad Cervino 4720 – 4127-5555

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