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AquaMania Waterpark in Posadas, Argentina

AquaMania Waterpark in Posadas, Argentina

Don’t get too excited, and if traveling with children through Posadas, Argentina and have heard they have a “waterpark”, take extra-care to not say you are going to an actual waterpark, but instead say you are going to visit; “A really cool public park that has two pools, one with a big slide.” Woohoo and now you are all set.

AquaMania in Posadas is just that – a large municipal park that has a bunch of picnic tables, restaurant to get a burger or hotdog, chips and cold drinks… plus two pools, one shallow and one deeper with a big slide. But that’s it. To call it a waterpark is a tad bit of an overstatement, though is still enjoyable to visit on a hot day in the cities blistering hot summer where temperatures are commonly in the high 90s F (33 – 37 degrees C).

Large Pool With Big Slide - Woohoo!

Second Pool at AquaMania That is Shallow

One nice thing about the two pools at AquaMania is that the water in the pools is actually cold, not heated like at AcuaMania Waterpark in Salto, Uruguay. Now that is really a waterpark and if passing through Salto with kids, a great way to spend an afternoon.

Photos & Video – AcuaMania Waterpark in Salto, Uruguay

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Photographs by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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